Vicke van Vitzen

Vicke van Vitzen is a nobel man that I’m basing my reenactment equipment on. 
The van Vitzen family derived from today’s Germany but moved to Sweden during mid 14th century. The Vitzen’s owned a large number of farms around Möre, south of Kalmar. They also had Påbonäs manor, that is situated very close to where I grew up. And I guess my interest for the Vitzen’s started when I was very young.  

Vicke van Vitzen, the younger, (d.1407) was buried in the church of the nunnery in Skänninge.  Today the effigy is moved to Vårfruberga church in Skänninge. The picture above is a rubbing from his effigy. The rubbing was done during the late 18th century, today the stone is more worn and gives very little information. The effigy is one of few surviving, in Sweden, from this period. I find his equipment intriguing and interesting. 

For you that understands Swedish, Kalmar läns museum have a interesting article about the Vitzen family. Here is the link. 

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