The photo shoot

4 weeks ago I was part of a photo shoot for a blog post serie. When my fighting kit was spread out on the floor my wife took a photo of my things. I thought the picture was fun and shows my things in a clear and educational way. My ambition is to share my … Continue reading The photo shoot

Lining in mail coifs

Textile in the context of the Battle of Visby finds is a neglected subject. As Bengt Thordeman in his book Armour from the battle of Wisby 1361 from 1939, mainly was, as the title say, mostly interested in the armours, the focus were on the metallic remains and the textile remains connected to them were … Continue reading Lining in mail coifs

Why a blog?

Welcome to my blog! I have not been blogging before, but I’m looking forward to start. The plans for me is to blog about the things around the subjects history, crafts and warfare. Why? Simply because they are things that interests me and I also want to keep track on progress on my reenactment equipment. … Continue reading Why a blog?

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